The Old Mill Store

 is a family owned business which began as an antique and gift store in Wimberley in 1981. Currently, The store has grown to offer a variety of products.  In the Old Mill General Store you can enjoy a variety of goodies from Ice Cream, to nostalgic candies like Necco wafers, Fredricksberg Fudge, Jelly Belly's, old fashioned candy sticks and much more. Our General Store also features a variety of toys to entertain the kids. The little ones can draw with crayon rocks or mine for real rocks in our Old Mill Mining Cart. Check out our wind up robots or find the marbles which you might have lost. Everything, from steely marbles to enormous glass shooters can be found in the General Store marble bin. There is Plenty

to explore at The Old Mill Store


While the kids are entertained with toys and ice cream, the adults can shop our 7000sq ft of show room space. The Old Mill Store show room features a vast variety of gifts, furniture, art, jewelry, handmade soaps, scented candles, honey comb calcite votives, hand painted blue bonnet pottery, from local Texas Artists and crafts people from around the globe. As you explore the store you will find metal sculptures by Benge Elliot and Lloyd Burns, handmade jewelry from Roy Simpson and Christ Chromel. We have a beautiful show room featuring copper instincts furniture, custom Texas metal furniture by Duane Simpson, and various unique antiques from all over. The Old Mill Store features and hand made pottery from, Marry Fulton, and Melody Thomson along with custom kaliedscopes. The Old Mill Store is Dedicated to providing a unique and informative shopping experience both online and off.

The Old Mill Store has a beautiful court yard where you can sit relax and enjoy the folk art of LLoyd Burns or the metal work of Benge Elliot. In addition to the sculpture garden you can visit the Gallery On The Square right next door. The Gallery on The Square offers a fine collection of art from some of Wimberley's most talented artists, sculptors, painters and craftsmen.  Thank you for visiting www.oldmillstore.com and www.galleryonthesquare.com feel free to shop both sites via our shopping cart if you have any questions you can reach the Old Mill Store at 512-847-3068 and the Gallery on The Square at 512-847-9904.